1 października 2009

Guilty Gear

Sol's Theme
- Keep Yourself Alive?
- Keep Yourself Alive (L.A Edition)

Ky's Theme
- Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)
- Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead) (L.A Edition)

May's Theme
- Blue Water Blue Sky
- Blue Water Blue Sky (L.A Edition)

Johnny's Theme
- Liquor Bar & Drunkard
- Liquor Bar & Drunkard (L.A Edition)

Axl's Theme
- Make Oneself
- Make Oneself (N.Y Edition)

Millia's Theme
- Writhe in Pain (L.A Edition)

Zato-1/Eddie's Theme
- Feel a Fear (L.A Edition)

Venom's Theme
- A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return
- A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return (N.Y Edition)

Chipp's Theme
- Suck a Sage
- Suck a Sage (N.Y Edition)

Anji's Theme
- Fuuga
- Fuuga (N.Y Edition)

Baiken's Theme
- Momentary Life (L.A Edition)

Slayer's Theme
- Haven't You Got Eyes In Your Head? (N.Y Edition)

Potemkin's Theme
- Burly Heart
- Burly Heart (L.A Edition)

Faust's Theme
- The Original (N.Y Edition)

Zappa's Theme
- Good Manners and Customs (N.Y Edition)

Bridget's Theme
- Simple Life (N.Y Edition)

Jam's Theme
- Babel Nose (N.Y Edition)

Testament's Theme
- Bloodstained Lineage (L.A Edition)

Dizzy's Theme
- Awe of She
- Awe of She (N.Y Edition)

I-no's Theme
- Kage Matsuri (L.A Edition)

Same Character Theme
- Nothing Out Of The Ordinary (L.A Edition)


Sol vs. Ky
- No Mercy
- Noontide (N.Y Edition)

Zato-1/Eddie vs. Millia
- Still in the Dark

Vs. Assassin Theme
- Existence (L.A Edition)

Last Battle
- The Midnight Carnival

Lapis Lazuli IM
- Find a Way
- Dream Maker
- Naked Eye

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